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Supporting organisations

ER clinical nurse, Tanya Malcom explains how learning TM helped to boost her resilience during the  COVID-19 crisis.

Heal the Healers

experiencing trauma in their work

Providing frontline health workers with strategies to manage trauma-based stress and anxiety

Defence personnel describe how learning TM has been effective in addresings PTSD.

Defence and Veterans

PTSD Resilience and Recovery

Helping current and former defence personnel living with trauma, PTSD, and suicidal ideation

Cynthia, a survivor of domestic violence, explains how after learning the gentle practice of Transcendental Meditation she regained her sense of self-worth.

1000 Women

Domestic Violence Recovery Project

Helping transform the lives  of women living with domestic violence-based anxiety and trauma

An introduction to TM from founder Bob Roth.

About Transcendental Meditation

The gentle practice helping to combat stress, anxiety and trauma

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